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WFOEOTYL #1: Nine Music Sets of ’09

Entertainment Column
Written by Nathan Mattise

It’s tough to come up with a fresh take on year-end music lists. Top Albums gets done by everyone under the sun and the same can be said for Top Songs (we’ve done it before, we’ll likely do it again). I’m in the fortunate position of limited real responsibilities and enough discretionary income to make at least 1-2 shows per month. Central New York might not be a hotbed, but if you expand your territory by a few hours in each direction it’s possible to make a concert calendar that includes many of the must-see acts in a given year. Hence…why not a top individual sets of ’09 recap?

Maybe this list won’t be showing up on hip blogs (i.e. largehearted boy or Fimoculous) but it’s mandatory for any aspiring music/culture writer to offer their take on things. As a quick reminder, I’ve reviewed music in Albuquerque, Stroudsburg and Syracuse and throughout college. While it’s not quite SPIN Magazine, I do listen to/see a lot of music.

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Trivial Links: Read the August ’09 SPIN Magazine

Entertainment Trivial Links
Written by Nathan Mattise

  • Lots of food entertainment news as of late – Alton Brown is celebrating 10 years on the job and Padma from Top Chef is (unfortunately) never going to make it that long.

(Links today from SPIN Magazine, sashafrerejones on Twitter, USA Today’s Pop Candy and Wired Magazine)

Got something for next week’s Trivial Links? E-mail it in.

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WFOMYLs # 2: The Trivial Links (From The First Half!) Of 2009

All Categories Trivial Links
Written by Nathan Mattise

The end of 2008 brought a list of web sites and people with it. Initially the thought was to do a trends list for mid-2009 in order to combine those two ideas, but what better way to actually see what was actually buzzworthy than to compile the best Trivial Links of 2009? This list may not include MJ (no Trivial Links posted since then) but some other topics that would have to be noted (Obama, Twitter, Publication deaths, etc.) are certainly fair play.  Continue reading

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Trivial Links: The SPIN/Canon photo contest follow-up

Entertainment Trivial Links
Written by Nathan Mattise

  • One more way of immortalizing that (and other concert experiences) has just sprung up over at Songkick.com.

(Links today from SPIN Magazine, USA Today’s Pop Candy, NYT.com, 20 Watts and Wikipedia)

Got something for next week’s Trivial Links? E-mail it in.

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June CNY Music Podcast Part II… (may actually wait for early July).

As advertised in “Part I” of the CNY Music Podcast for June ’09, the In Pursuit of the Trivial’s mid-year list of 2009’s best albums so far is in the works…

We want to get it right though.

The best albums mid-way discussion will be pushed ’til early July to A) incorporate a full six months of music and B) ensure the discussion has more than just one voice guiding it. Until then, consider “Part I” to be the full 20+ minutes of CNY Music Podcasting for June (and if you were looking for our June show reviews and the comprehensive list of concert dates in June/early July, well, you’re still in luck).

CNY Upcoming Shows


Patrick Wolf – 6/19 (Fri)


Tom Jones – 6/21 (Sun)

Taking Back Sunday – 6/24 (Wed)

Relient K – 6/26 (Fri)


Arcade Fire – 6/22 (Mon)

St. Vincent – 6/24 (Wed)

Elton John / Billy Joel – 6/26 (Fri)

Scatted across NY State (but within driving distance)

311 – 6/23 (Tues)

Gordon Lightfoot – 6/25 (Thur)

The Offspring –  6/30 (Tues)

Huey Lewis – 6/26 (Fri) & 7/1 (Wed)

The Spinners – 7/2 (Thur) *EDITOR’S PICK*

The Wallflowers – 7/7 (Tues) *EDITOR’S PICK*


Earth, Wind & Fire – 6/20 (Sun)

No Doubt w/ Paramore – 6/22 (Mon)

REO Speedwagon / Styx – 7/2 (Thur)

Zappa Plays Zappa –7/6  (Mon)

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Want a good roadtrip? Find a Girl Talk concert.

Entertainment Column
Written by Nathan Mattise
Photos by Nathan Mattise courtesy of SPIN & Canon

Ask someone what makes a good roadtrip and the responses you get are as widespread as location possibilities. It may be the sort of entity where you only know what works after you’ve experienced it. So follow me here:

This week I won a concert photo contest sponsored by SPIN Magazine and Canon. The prize was two tickets to a private SPIN-sponsored Girl Talk performance in NYC, a new Canon digital camera and the opportunity to take photos at the event that may or may not be used by SPIN in the future. It was a rather easy decision to tackle the 8-hours plus of driving and Girl Talk, as usual, didn’t disappoint.

Now ask someone what makes a Girl Talk concert and the answers will also run the gamut. Plenty of folks have tried to capture it (myself included, twice even) but it’s such a unique concert experience that you never really understand until you go. So maybe it was the anticipation for this event or the loads of reflective travel time it took to get there, but I realized something so incredibly simple.

A Girl Talk show is the perfect roadtrip because the show itself has what you look for in a roadtrip. Continue reading

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April CNY Music Podcast: The rise of Phantogram and Girl Talk at Cornell University

Geography | Entertainment Podcast
Recorded and produced by Nathan Mattise

It’s long, it’s informative and most importantly it’s finished. Take a listen, check out the linear notes after the jump and send along any and all comments, questions or concerns.

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