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The new blog in town was a long time coming

Arts & Literature Column
Written by Nathan Mattise

Syracuse University (probably like most media savvy schools) offers interested students a variety of media options to pursue. There’s a daily newspaper, campus television network, NPR-affiliated radio and now a strictly web outlet if general news, politics or sports is your thing.  There are separate campus magazines for health, fashion, music/entertainment, alternative features and social/cultural identities. Folks who want to write technology even have an outlet since the D.O. has recently sought op-ed writers in that field.

However, this week the NewsHouse launched a new blog devoted to filling a surprisingly unaddressed niche on campus: food journalism. Continue reading

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Syracuse loves social media, maybe it needs a trophy.

Science & Nature Post
Written by Nathan Mattise

To all the local naysayers of blogging, Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Tumblr and the vast and various other forms of social mediayou know you’re in absolutely the wrong place, right?

Today’s news about Syracuse University being one of the best (most influential) collegiate Twitter accounts is no surprise. Syracuse, N.Y. in general embraces social medias like very few other areas. We have massive Foursquare initiatives (not to mention the founder is an alum). Tweet-ups in the area seem to have as much success as SU Football watch parties (and they had more pre-2010 season). We even have social media professors who create Tumblrs to discuss ‘net known case studies involving local businesses‘ use of social media. Wrap your mind around that.

All the love surrounding social media in the area makes me wonder one thing – why not set up some formal means of celebrating it? Continue reading


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