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Laying out the excus..er, articles and posts… from the most recent hiatus

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Written by Nathan Mattise

This isn’t the first time blogging has had an unintentional off spell here at In Pursuit of the Trivial. However, rather than spout off the reasons (cgh… travel, work… cgh) let’s simply share some of the other projects that have been happening since the last bit of posting.

(And, oh yeah, we’ll resume posting again soon [ish])

  • Finally, Pop Candy hosted another round of guest bloggers while Whitney Matheson took a vacation. The guests included: an international recording artist, a NYT best selling author and… me? Read about the only potato rapper in ‘Cuse (and the world?).

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Another tale of an unanswered message to celebrity.

Science & Nature Essay
Written by Nathan Mattise

Yesterday I finally gave in to the what I perceived as the most pathetic ‘net trend around.

It wasn’t entry to a complicated Facebook relationship. I didn’t post self-taken photos¬† from an above/right angle on my MySpace. My AIM away messages aren’t currently littered with coded messages expressing angst, sadness or other emotions too deep to make so readily public.

I did, however, finally attempt to direct tweet someone famous. Continue reading


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WFOMYLs #1: Top Sports Stories (From The First Half!) Of 2009

Sports & Leisure Column
Written by Nathan Mattise

Maybe it’s my increased exposure to it since I’m copy-editing over at BleacherReport (info on that still to come), but 2009 appeared to have an unusually high amount of buzzworthy sports moments during its first half.¬† Not all of these will be considered among the most memorable when the year is all said and done, but for now they’re all still strongly on the mind of sports fans.

A few guidelines first… Continue reading


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