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Here’s a bit of fiction to make up for the week vacation.

Sports & Leisure Fiction
Written by Nathan Mattise

“Nice book”

It took him twenty minutes to find The Flying Star, but once on the scene Noah was much quicker about springing into action.

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Five Signs: You’re in Taos, New Mexico

Geography Essay
Photos and captions by Nathan Mattise

College is a time for excessive sleeping, partying, *studying*…. and traveling. It’s one of the finer points of college because there are no real commitments to hold you back. So in the spirit of good roadtrip, In the Pursuit of the Trivial offers the Five Signs series. It’s a photo-documentary account from an exotic location done through the signs ready to greet every and all tourists. Today, welcome to Taos, N.M.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge - long enough name for you? Continue reading

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History (a.k.a Bob Dylan) was in Albuquerque last night.

History Column
Written by Nathan Mattise
For The Albuquerque Tribune 7/23/07

Sometimes you get to see history by chance, but sometimes you have the opportunity to seek it out.

Bob Dylan coming to Albuquerque during my summer in N.M. fits the latter description. Continue reading

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