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CNY’s Greatest Athletic Competition

Geography and Sports & Leisure Essay
Video and captions by Nathan Mattise

There were a lot of online entities looking for submissions lately – 48Hr Magazine or Tokyo Police Club for instance. Luckily, cameras were rolling when a three-man team and their coach from Syracuse went west to tackle CNY’s greatest athletic challenge… the Garbage Plate Run.

(Yep, it involves those garbage plates).


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Four Signs: You’re eating garbage plates in Rochester, N.Y.

Geography Essay
Photos and captions by Nathan Mattise

College (and post-college limbo) is a time for excessive sleeping, partying, *studying*…. and traveling. It’s one of the finer points of college because there are no real commitments to hold you back. So in the spirit of good roadtrip, In the Pursuit of the Trivial offers the Five Signs series. It’s a photo-documentary account from an exotic location done through the signs ready to greet every and all tourists. Today, welcome to Rochester, N.Y. – home of the garbage plate.

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