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WFOMYLs # 2: The Trivial Links (From The First Half!) Of 2009

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Written by Nathan Mattise

The end of 2008 brought a list of web sites and people with it. Initially the thought was to do a trends list for mid-2009 in order to combine those two ideas, but what better way to actually see what was actually buzzworthy than to compile the best Trivial Links of 2009? This list may not include MJ (no Trivial Links posted since then) but some other topics that would have to be noted (Obama, Twitter, Publication deaths, etc.) are certainly fair play.  Continue reading

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Trivial Links: One last (albeit a bit narcissistic) Napkin Fiction post…

Arts & Literature Trivial Links
Compiled by Nathan Mattise

Backstory: I met the Whitney Matheson at a Pop-Candy meet-up during last year’s “Office” Convention in Scranton. I sent her my facebook picture and it got posted on the site, she let me interview her for a journalism industry paper I had to write at Syracuse and I’ve had e-mail exchange life updates with her periodically ever since. Very cool of her to be so responsive to me – just makes me more of a fan). Continue reading

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The Esquire Napkin Fiction project saga finale.

Arts & Literature Column
Written by Nathan Mattise

For the few of you who have been long time readers (or at least thoroughly perused the archives), perhaps this will be somewhat expected. I was obsessed with the Esquire Napkin Fiction project after I first found it, to the point where I sent an unsolicited submission in. Next came the unexpected when I actually had a response and my own napkin opportunity sent my way. Today, it’s official. Like Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Norman Mailer and Tom Wolfe before me (or nothing at all like them), I am a published short story author with Esquire(.com). Continue reading

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Esquire’s Napkin Project shows fiction really is delicious.

Arts & Literature Op-Ed Column
Written by Nathan Mattise

I’m spending the summer in Albuquerque, N.M. with an eccentric aunt. I know less than six people in town between the ages of 17 and 30. There is likely a direct correlation between these two statements and my increased summer reading. But seeing this idea from Esquire didn’t hurt either. Continue reading

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