About Us

Thinking outside of the box...About the founder:

In Pursuit of the Trivial is the op-ed website of multimedia storyteller Nathan Mattise. Mattise enjoys many things, but at the top of the list is pop-culture. He’s an avid reader of many blogs, listener of various podcasts and watcher of even the most absurd television for this reason. Can any of this ever help him achieve something in the professional realm? Probably not. But it did lead to the creation of In Pursuit of the Trivial in July 2007.

To find out more about the author, you can look him up on most social networking sites, visit NathanMattise.com, find him on Wikipedia or contact him through e-mail.

About the site:

In Pursuit of the Trivial is inspired by a premise from Bertolt Brecht that good art (and therefore good writing) provokes questions and self-reflection rather than providing answers. This site sets out to analyze life and start conversations through essays or articles mostly on pop culture and personal experiences. Obviously the site’s title is a pun from the former category; our founder fancies himself a boardgame enthusiast.

At its core, the site is a collection of random essays and columns written by random college students. It ambitiously promises to update at least three times a week. All of the random pieces, reoccurring columns, interesting links will be neatly categorized into the traditional six: History. Geography. Science and Nature. Sports and Leisure. Entertainment. Arts and Literature.

The site is currently just for leisure, but who knows. If it ever gains enough exposure or traffic, people can gladly use it to advertise or can compile articles together for a collection – whatever it is that professional Web sites do for income. A collection of essays on trivial topics written by young people would make a great magazine, right? I’d read that 😉 Until then, it’s the hope of everyone involved that you enjoy reading the stuff as much as we enjoy creating it. The answer is Duke Snider.

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