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WFOEOTYL #3: Eight People in ’08

History Column
Written by Nathan Mattise

It’s time to close off the WFOEOTYL with the simplest of competitions: a popularity contest. Every outlet under the sun does a top people edition – TIME, USA Today’s Pop Candy, Sports Illustrated, Best Week Ever, etc. so it’s time to unveil In Pursuit of the Trivial‘s edition. You may be asking yourself, “How are they going to judge the top people?” Well take a look at the first parameter and, if you like what you see, read on…

  • Any Best People list will certainly deal with people who had success and acclaim in 2008, but in addition to that, the people on our list must be, “someone you would aspire to and feasibly could eat at a diner and talk for hours with.” (Apologies to most Food Network personalities, McCain/Palin, the Twilight author, etc.). This should cut people who have already gotten enough accolades and wouldn’t appreciate the small things (such as adoration from some 23-year-old pop culture obsessed kids). Continue reading

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