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WFOETYLs #2: Top Nine Songs of ’09

Entertainment Column
Written by Nathan Mattise

I know, I know. This list is stale. It’s a week after ’09 and everyone has a top songs list – from other aspiring music writer friends to major sports writers.  By this point I could’ve done a “Top Songs List of ’09 List.”

Every year though you need to do either best albums or best songs though. They are the Ace and King of the music deck and anyone hoping to jump in on the game someday needs to know how to play them. With 2009 marking the end of the decade where a lot of influential voices are proclaiming this decade as the end of the album (due to things like iPods, iTunes, digital file sharing, etc.), songs seemed a fitting way to close things out.

As always, a few guidelines to start: Continue reading

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All Tomorrow’s Parties (All Twittered Properly)

Entertainment Column

Written and photographed by Nathan Mattise

My close friends still find it extremely hard to believe. I’ve attended countless concerts in my lifetime (seeing some bands literally more than a dozen times), yet this weekend marked a personal musical landmark.

I attended my very first music festival, All Tomorrow’s Parties New York.

I’d been salivating over this day since I got my driver’s license. One entire day filled with bands I wanted to see, surrounded by people who shared my passion, spent entirely in some uber-trendy locale. All those powers combined would create the perfect storm of music experience that you had to be there to appreciate.

In hope of this happening, I had to immediately document my every move via Twitter. Thankfully, Saturday at Kutsher’s didn’t disappoint. Check out the tweets for proof.

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July CNY Music Podcast: The Best Albums (From The First Half!) Of ’09 and John Legend in Albany

Geography | Entertainment Podcast
Recorded and produced by Nathan Mattise

The great debate for 2009’s midway album of the year is complete. Take a listen and then read on for the rest of the CNY music news for July.

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