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WFOMYLs # 2: The Trivial Links (From The First Half!) Of 2009

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Written by Nathan Mattise

The end of 2008 brought a list of web sites and people with it. Initially the thought was to do a trends list for mid-2009 in order to combine those two ideas, but what better way to actually see what was actually buzzworthy than to compile the best Trivial Links of 2009? This list may not include MJ (no Trivial Links posted since then) but some other topics that would have to be noted (Obama, Twitter, Publication deaths, etc.) are certainly fair play.  Continue reading

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If words can’t describe it, don’t use them… (Obama Inauguration sights and sounds!)

History Column
Photos, videos, audio and words by Nathan Mattise

Barack Obama has been President for 14 days. Wrap your mind around that. It’s hard to believe history is that fresh but simultaneously moving on already (Google “Guantanamo Bay” or “Economic Stimulus” for more details).

Perhaps the Inauguration feels like it was yesterday because I was fortunate enough to attend. With all of the meticulous planning, physical travel and emotional build-up, the event itself was monumental to the point that it consumed the greater part of two weeks in my life. I still have people who want to know every single detail about the experience when I casually mention my trip. Honestly, regardless of what you think of my writing or communication skills, this is one instance where I’m truly at a loss and words can’t accurately describe the scene, the excitement, the sense of something greater, etc. Rather than trying to sum up the once-in-a-lifetime trip, I’m opting to allow the images to speak for themselves.

Starting with the moment everyone was there to see… Continue reading


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WFOEOTYL #3: Eight People in ’08

History Column
Written by Nathan Mattise

It’s time to close off the WFOEOTYL with the simplest of competitions: a popularity contest. Every outlet under the sun does a top people edition – TIME, USA Today’s Pop Candy, Sports Illustrated, Best Week Ever, etc. so it’s time to unveil In Pursuit of the Trivial‘s edition. You may be asking yourself, “How are they going to judge the top people?” Well take a look at the first parameter and, if you like what you see, read on…

  • Any Best People list will certainly deal with people who had success and acclaim in 2008, but in addition to that, the people on our list must be, “someone you would aspire to and feasibly could eat at a diner and talk for hours with.” (Apologies to most Food Network personalities, McCain/Palin, the Twilight author, etc.). This should cut people who have already gotten enough accolades and wouldn’t appreciate the small things (such as adoration from some 23-year-old pop culture obsessed kids). Continue reading

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Five Signs: You’re on a college campus for election 2008.

Geography Essay
Photos and captions by Nathan Mattise

College (and post-college limbo) is a time for excessive sleeping, partying, *studying*…. and traveling. It’s one of the finer points of college because there are no real commitments to hold you back. So in the spirit of good roadtrip, In the Pursuit of the Trivial offers the Five Signs series. It’s a photo-documentary account from an exotic location done through the signs ready to greet every and all tourists. Today, welcome to a college campus on election day 2008. Continue reading

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No matter where you are you can’t stop writing.

Geography Column
Written by Nathan Mattise

“Students just have to start doing it now. Even if all you have are opportunities at school papers, just start doing it. There are so many ways you can write today with opportunities online, even something as simple as reviewing records on your own site, there’s no excuse not to do it.”

USAToday’s Pop Candy creator Whitney Matheson shared that bit of advice with me when I interviewed her for an industry paper during my stint at The Post-Standard. I may not be a full-time entertainment journalist now but that hasn’t stopped me from writing online.

Now I’m redebuting in print too.

Below is a link (and after the jump is the pre-edited text) to my first story as a freelancer for Syracuse’s alt-weekly, The New Times. What did I write about? Well, like any good alt-weekly, it’s a healthy dosage of music and politics. Continue reading

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