WFOMYLs # 2: The Trivial Links (From The First Half!) Of 2009

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Written by Nathan Mattise

The end of 2008 brought a list of web sites and people with it. Initially the thought was to do a trends list for mid-2009 in order to combine those two ideas, but what better way to actually see what was actually buzzworthy than to compile the best Trivial Links of 2009? This list may not include MJ (no Trivial Links posted since then) but some other topics that would have to be noted (Obama, Twitter, Publication deaths, etc.) are certainly fair play. 

The guidelines, you ask?

  • The linked item doesn’t necessarily have to be created in 2009, but it has to be discovered and linked to within the year’s  first six months.
  • There is no definite criteria for what constitutes an exceptional Trivial Link (we’re not rooting through the analytics for In Pursuit of the Trivial and figuring out which links were utilized most often), so instead good links are ones that are exceptionally unique or  relevant to a current trend at the time.
  • I have a soft spot for cool self-serving links (I’m sorry. I can’t help it).

To the list…

10. After I attended this online design forum last week and heard about Jonathan Harris, I immediately felt I had no future in online journalism.  Just check out the concept and execution of this project.

I enrolled in graduate school for new media this year so outstanding web work became more of a focus for me…

9. Rick Reilly’s ESPN column has grown on me (perhaps even more as of late after his BS Report appearance), but this Twitter prank was pretty funny. “Joe Maddon doesn’t think the way typical managers think, and that might make him the most devilish Ray of them all.”

Twitter has been everywhere in 2009 (even I joined up this year). My favorite Twitter-related link goes to this Deadspin pick.

8. Think this kid’s dad is the most popular one in his/her elementary school? Check out dad’s daily lunch bag creations (no word on whether or not he packs bacon as a regular lunch occurrence).

Nothing more to say except, “how cool is this?”

7. In case you missed it on USA Today’s Pop Candy this week, yours truly was a featured reader. Not my most flattering of pictures but I am attached to it due to my love of hygiene. More importantly, Whitney Matheson kept in the part about my desire to one day write a book on Ra Ra Riot. READ THAT RA RA RIOT! (Thanks Whitney).

I utilize Pop Candy so much for Trivial Links, it’s a banner day when they link to anything involving me. Plus, anytime I can put a plug for my desire to write the definitive piece on Ra Ra Riot…you have to do it.

6. Finally, THE FIRST FACE TRANSPLANT IN THE COUNTRY HAPPENED THIS WEEK. (Well, second. Travolta beat doctors to it years ago).

It’s hard to come up with Science & Nature columns or essays. Trivial Links just beg for scientific tidbits though. This may be the craziest one I’ve ever seen.

5. Did more people wear Orange yesterday or will they wear more on Friday? In honor of National Orange Day and SU’s first Sweet-16 run since 2003 (did everyone see the Devo article?), Syracuse N.Y. gets today’s Trivial Links.

I’m a big fan of theming an entire edition of Trivial Links. It’s happened with Ra Ra Riot, Obama, ‘Cuse dining, etc. So when SU made the tourney’s final 16, it needed to happen.

4. Journalism struggling to the point that Paste Magazine basically needed a web-a-thon to raise production funds? At least they succeeded with well over $160,000.

The Seattle P-I, Rocky Mountain News, WTVH in Syracuse, VIBE and many others weren’t as fortunate.

3. Phantogram recently linked to our review of them on their MySpace page.

Jumping off that, I still can’t stop listening to Phantogram’s EP and so I’ve been forwarding their MySpace (and my blog post) around to some of the music sites I frequent. I’m not sure everyone even reads the e-mail and/or checks out the band, but this week I got a reply from Whitney Matheson at USA Today’s PopCandy starting with, “Hey Nate! Glad to hear things are busy and well for you … great links, thanks for passing them on.

Long story short – this may or may not have helped lead to Phantogram finally getting some of the attention they deserve this morning on PopCandy. Here’s hoping the buzz continues.

The Phantogram obsession started here when they acknowledged the review I posted about them. It went on to include an exclusive audio interview with them in June (and creating a Wikipedia entry… and posting another show review). Here’s hoping we cross paths again at some point.

2. The epic Girl Talk roadtrip for the SPIN/Canon promotion finally culminated this week when I stumbled upon… one of my photos being published on

Winning a cool contests plus my biggest random journalism accomplishment since Esquire? Perhaps, it was definitely a cool Trivial Link though.

1. See that. You too can try to be as Obama-like as possible thanks to Paste Magazine (and the dude who created the famed poster in the first place).

Anything Obama related is probably the Trivial Link of  the decade. Sure the election happened in 2008, but the Inauguration, his first 100 days and all of the greatness that follows started here in the first months of 2009.

(Links today from all the previous Trivial Links posts and then various outlets beforehand)

As always, if you have something for next week’s Trivial Links? E-mail it in.


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