A quick follow-up to “On Journalism.”

History Column
Written by Nathan Mattise

If you missed the “On Journalism” post a week or so back start there first… but Bill Simmons is back on the subject of journalism. He recorded not one but THREE podcasts on the topic this week.

1. He starts by sitting down with his boss,  ESPN’s John A. Walsh, to discuss Walsh’s take on where newspapers went wrong (Walsh came as an editor from Rolling Stone) and how he views the problems Simmons perceives with ESPN.

2. After that hour, Simmons came back the very next day with a two-part podcast with the recently finished ESPN Ombudsman LeAnne Schreiber (a former editor at the NYT).  Schreiber tackles the same subjects with Simmons – covering her take on newspapers, blogs and journalism in part one

3. and her issues with ESPN in part two.

If you thought my summary of the Simmons-Klosterman podcast was long, you don’t want to think think about much space I’d take with these three combined.  Maybe everyone is better off listening for themselves.


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