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Is 2010 the most blog-friendly music year ever?

Entertainment Column
Written by Nathan Mattise

Where the two circles meet in the Venn diagram of music lovers and bloggers, the inevitable debate of best albums of the year  arises.

I’m as guilty as anyone of indulging in this pleasure.  A passion for music means sampling plenty and sharing your favorites while a passion for blogging means making an opinion and presenting it to the world. Year-end music lists are a natural outlet for the intersection of these.

This year however, the millions of folks who engage in this subculture have their work cut out for them.  If the online year-end music list is a distinctly 2000s trend,  2010 threatens to be the most insanely loaded (and therefore insanely difficult) year-end list conversation we’ve ever seen.  Consider the following acts that have  released or are reportedly releasing albums this year found through just three different websites: Continue reading

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