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In Pursuit of the Trivial moved (and created a local music calendar already)

There’s a new blog banner in town.

After the redesign at the beginning of the year, that means there’s a new town for In Pursuit of the Trivial. We’ve moved from Central New York to San Francisco for the time being and the site’s local focus will shift appropriately. While not all the blog content is strictly location-based (essay about a Kickstarter for an LCD Soundsystem fan documentary?), the stuff that is now gets a west coast makeover… like the monthly music calendar for instance (see after the jump).

The move should allow for more writing time in general so hopefully posts labeled “site info” that try to explain away weeks of nothing will also evaporate. Until then, check the shows in SF after the jump and try to recognize the new organic type above.


-Nate, In Pursuit of the Trivial Continue reading


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