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Another failed Kickstarter inspires and scares

Arts & Literature Column
Written by Nathan Mattise

I received the following e-mail in my inbox last week:

It’s nothing new. I’ve donated to Kickstarter projects that have sadly failed before: R.I.P. The Mountain Man Fest in Saratoga or the MLAB Renovations for a NYC trip here in ‘Cuse. This one for one reason or another justĀ  hit a little close to home.

Call the folks who wanted to make the All My Friends documentary pretentious if you will (though I’d opt for misguided or over-ambitious perhaps? More on this below…) but they had a musical focus I liked and a D.I.Y. approach I want to one day emulate. Not to mention, their pedigree in multimedia production and storytelling seemed almost attainable (it’s on the Kickstarter bio), making their effort much more inspiring than the latest work from someone like Wes Anderson or Spielberg.

So what does their failure say? Continue reading


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