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CNY Jobs that hopefully trend across the country

Geography Column
Video and captions by Nathan Mattise

The months leading up to graduating from college are terrifying. ┬áNot only do you deal with all of the emotional weight of leaving behind what essentially is home and the closest friends you’ve had to this age, but the dreaded unemployment lurks around the corner. It seems foolish to think you’ll be graduating with job in hand these days unless you settle for an internship, do some type of fellowship or happen to be involved in the hyper-structured business cycle of student-to-new-employee.

I’m preparing to move on from graduate school this time around… and it might even be worse. Admittedly there’s quite a bit less emotional stress (most of your good friends from undergrad are settled in their first jobs, your relationships won’t be dramatically impact since not everyone is having the same experience) but the pressure for employment is much greater. Simply having a job isn’t going to satisfy anyone this time around. You need the right job. That could be speaking in terms of ┬álocation, finances, company merit, type of work or most likely all of the above.

A Syracuse University degree (and probably one from any major institution) promises a lot. I only hope the positions I’ve seen open up around here translate as well as this skillset supposedly will. For the other Master’s candidates in communication related fields out there, check out a few of these local job opportunities that seem ideal (*if you want to stay local that is): Continue reading

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