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A quick glimpse into the Radiohead classroom.

Entertainment Essay
Written by Nathan Mattise

For two weeks in May I got to live out my academic dream. I had the opportunity to intensely pursue some  facet of pop-culture that was seemingly meaningless to some but promised deeper meanings for those passionate  enough to analytically pursue it.

MHL 500: The Music of Radiohead – Chuck Klosterman would be proud.

Critically thinking about pop-culture is a beautiful thing. In my Radiohead class, an incredibly diverse group of students united (for two weeks, four hours a day) because of their love of a single band (or in the case of others, their intrigue in a band everyone said to love). Individuals I could never see participating to the fullest extent in some Biology or Calculus class were doing required readings and listenings, adding to the discussions in class and getting genuinely excited about exploring research paper topics. In a weird way,  The Music of Radiohead was the most perfect classroom I ever participated in. Continue reading

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