Our favorite posts

I know we have legions of dedicated readers but just in case you’re joining us late, here are some of our archived gems…

Nate’s choices

3-9-09 Phantogram

1-5-09 WFOEOTYLs

11-28-08 Four Signs: You’re eating garbage plates in Rochester, N.Y.

10-27-08 All this talk about Girl Talk is completely justified.

8-27-08 Five Signs: You’re in the Seinfeld campus tour bus. (Note the pattern: Nate would recommend all of the Five Signs series)

8-15-08 Glimpse into the graduate-with-no-job psyche…

7-28-08 The Esquire Napkin Fiction Project saga finale

3-04-08 Nate The Collegiate Pop Culture Columnist: The legend of Ra Ra Riot

12-25-07 Santa should bring Playdough if he wants a good holiday film.

11-3-07 Sometimes you really can’t have one without the other.

7-23-07 History (a.k.a Bob Dylan) was in Albuquerque last night.

7-16-07 I was too young for the Cold War but just right for Zangief.

7-9-07 What is reality? ANTM is probably more reliable than eHarmony.com.

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