Author: Paige Dearing

Adorkable just like Shandi from season three.Paige Dearing is a 19-year-old rising junior at Syracuse University. She aspires to use her newspaper journalism and political science degrees to land a job covering politics overseas for a leading American newspaper. Dearing lives in Olney, Md. when she is not trapped in the snowy wonderland of Upstate New York.

If you’re looking to test your indie-pop expertise or trash talk Chelsea while marveling about how sweet Liverpool is, Dearing’s your girl. She can’t deny a good game of FIFA07 or the company of mixtaper of any musical persuasion. Pick her out of a crowd by the Robin-Hood-esque boots she pairs with every outfit imaginable or listen for her distinctive, yet bubbly, laugh.

Dearing previously was the University Union beat writer for the Daily Orange in addition to being a general staff writer for the News section. She frequents the Salsa lessons offered Thursdays at Late Night at the Gym and can get down with some reggaetone.

She has unhealthy obsession with John Cusack, which rivals a similar, borderline-stalkerish love she holds for her roommate. So as long as you’ve seen Say Anything and do not bad mouth Katie, she should be as sweet as pie to you.

Paige’s Work

Articles from In Pursuit of the Trivial

Articles from The Daily Orange

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Bio last updated: 7/13/07 


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