Author: Amy Bugno

There she is folks...

Amy Bugno is a young aspiring writer originally hailing from Clarks Summit, Pa. In May 2008, she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in News-Editorial Journalism. Amy hopes to one day combine her passions for writing and fighting cancer by finding employment as a writer with the American Cancer Society – but if that doesn’t work out, she too will try to pen the great American novel.

When she is not busy trying to find a job, Amy enjoys writing (obviously), music (making, listening, watching, etc.), board games, the Boston Red Sox, reality television, being Irish, books, sarcasm, road trips, improv comedy, shoes, dance parties, embracing awkward moments, cinema, cherry 7up, intellectual conversation, NCAA sports and generally changing the world. Someday she hopes to travel the world in a hot air balloon.

Amy’s work has been published in collegiate publications including The Review (University of Delaware) and The Daily Tar Heel and Blue & White magazine (UNC-Chapel Hill). She has held summer internships at The Scranton Times and Carolina Parent magazine and her articles have been published online at (and other independent web sites). Her published works can be found below.

Amy’s Work

Articles from In Pursuit of the Trivial

Articles from The Scranton Times, Carolina Parent, The Review, The Daily Tar Heel, Blue & White and other reputable publications.

When all else fails, write it down.

Last Updated 8/1/08


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