No one will complain when your shirt is inside-out.

Science & Nature Essay
Written by Nathan Mattise

I’m not wearing green despite being home for parade day in Scranton (note: Syracuse celebrating as well). My attire is better suited for SxSw,  a dream roadtrip for me and a conference focusing on technology with a major concert lineup attached. Folks are down in Austin, Tx. right now discussing the next social media tools to engage the masses or how the iPad 2.0 and other venues might be able to (financially) save journalism.

I doubt this idea could save any industry, but it’s an innovative approach to print journalism I was pumped to receive as a gift this past winter.

TPost Mag is a Sweedish print outlet. They operate on subscriptions like any other magazine but instead of printing on newsprint or glossy, they utilize t-shirts that are then designed as art to compliment an article. That makes the above quartet much more respectable than any regular novelty tees. They’re also incredibly effective gifts for nerdy wanna-be journalists.

The articles so far aren’t half bad and it’s easy to talk you into supporting an org who’s trying something different. I’ve often wondered why a struggling magazine or newspaper doesn’t branch out and use their brand to offer related services that customers will trust (Food & Wine wines, SPIN sponsored concerts or produced albums, NY Times series of speakers, etc.). Most probably don’t innovate in this manner thinking it jeopardizes journalistic integrity. Printing on tees doesn’t come close to that, rather it simply adds a degree of edge and innovation that’s easy to get behind (or within I suppose, it is a shirt after all).

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