A year, a decade and a posting hiatus all come to an end…

Happy Holidays folks. It’s been a long month of real world obligations producing bloging inactivity here at  In Pursuit of the Trivial. With every culture documentarians’ favorite time of the year (and in this instance, decade) coming up however, all that extra think-time can’t be left to waste.

Introducing year two of the In Pursuit of the Trivial (now annual?) week full of end of the year lists, the WFOEOTYL for short.

There’s always tons of list making at this point and it’s no different here. To see some examples from the recent past, here’s how the 2008 WFOEOTYLs went down. There’s even a 2009  WFOMYLs to browse and reflect how just six months can shake things up. Those aren’t even my most recent lists because just last week I had a hand in a Syracuse Music Year In Review and a Best Meals of ’09.

For the In Pursuit of the Trivial 2009 lists (and a special 2000s decade list), check back Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week. Afterward you can find them all linked from this post throughout early January. Topics are TBA but, based on our history, you can expect a lot of it to be audible.

In Pursuit of the Trivial


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