What’s one more blog? Especially if it’s for Ira Glass…

Arts & Literature Column
Written by Nathan Mattise

I hate to have long periods of time without posts, even professional blogs avoid it knowing it could deter traffic in the short-term future. Unlike professional bloggers, I make my living working with students. Two weeks of 14-hour a day student training isn’t optional.

Instead of leaving the site completely dark until late August, consider this a heads up that Trivial Links could be the only thing seen around here for a bit.

I will make sure I get some bit of daily writing though. So introducing my latest blogging endeavor.

The week of November 15 could be the greatest week of my professional life because I’ll finally get to see two of my idols (Ira Glass and Anthony Bourdain) in person.  In light of that and a recent Pop Candy contest, I sat down to put together an idea a few friends and I were tossing around. Here’s the pitch (one of several I sent in for that contest) to Pop Candy about it. Although I won’t be featured, this idea was too good for me to totally abandon:

Questions for Ira Glass

My friends and I can’t stop watching episodes of This American Life. Netflix just recently added the episodes for streaming via XBox, I finally got the season two DVD in the last month. Our TAL frenzy only increased when we caught wind of Ira coming to Syracuse this fall in one of his very limited public appearances.

After watching all TAL Live episodes, contemplating that he’s speaking at the journalism school and realizing we might be able to acquire press access… we started getting nervous. Ira always takes questions and there is no doubt we’ll be in position to ask one.

In light of that and the fact he isn’t touring many locales this fall, we had the idea to start a blog devoted entirely to questions for Ira Glass. Everyday we will develop one question or (potentially where this comes in here) we will post a reader submitted question (the question itself a small graph with the logic behind it). When the time comes to finally meet Ira, we’ll ask the question that receives the most support and hand Ira a small packet with all the other questions. He seems like someone who would absolutely appreciate a quirky idea like this and it will only increase our anticipation to see him.

The posts will be short and therefore ideal for my current work schedule. I know the last thing I need is another blog, but this one is different. It’s my first blog with a definite shelf-life (from Sept. 17 until after I see Ira Glass – two months. This one is a general blog and my diner work is a long-term resource project) and who knows. Maybe Ira will be so flattered he’ll accept a TAL submission from me… or at least sign my Ira Glass comic book.

(Links today from This American Life, Diners Without Frosted Tips, Ticketmaster, USA Today’s Pop Candy and Amazon.com)

Got something to ask Ira Glass? E-mail it in.

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