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Trivial Links: A local golfer making his big league debut

Sports & Leisure Trivial Links
Written by Nathan Mattise

  • I graduated high school five years ago this past Spring and I always try to think what my claim to fame would be (you know, so I can casually drop it in convos all night – my front runners are probably this and this).  I think we found a frontrunner for best achievement this week when good friend/classmate Kevin Busteed Jr. qualified for a Nationwide Tour Golf Event. (His name is on twice!)

(Links today from TU Athletics,, and The Scranton Times [and me? I sent a tip in to the Times folks])

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What’s one more blog? Especially if it’s for Ira Glass…

Arts & Literature Column
Written by Nathan Mattise

I hate to have long periods of time without posts, even professional blogs avoid it knowing it could deter traffic in the short-term future. Unlike professional bloggers, I make my living working with students. Two weeks of 14-hour a day student training isn’t optional.

Instead of leaving the site completely dark until late August, consider this a heads up that Trivial Links could be the only thing seen around here for a bit.

I will make sure I get some bit of daily writing though. So introducing my latest blogging endeavor. Continue reading

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Trivial Links: Significant writings on significant objects.

Arts & Literature Trivial Links
Written by Nathan Mattise

  • Project idea: Take insignificant objects, have talented writers submit backstories for said items to be published on a blog, call the blog “Significant Objects,” sell items to prove a good story adds worth.  I’m sold.
  • August is here. So, only one month left to get to these summer reading titles from The Guardian and Pop Candy.

(Links today from, Wes  Miles on Twitter, USA Today’s Pop Candy and The Guardian)

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Another tale of an unanswered message to celebrity.

Science & Nature Essay
Written by Nathan Mattise

Yesterday I finally gave in to the what I perceived as the most pathetic ‘net trend around.

It wasn’t entry to a complicated Facebook relationship. I didn’t post self-taken photos  from an above/right angle on my MySpace. My AIM away messages aren’t currently littered with coded messages expressing angst, sadness or other emotions too deep to make so readily public.

I did, however, finally attempt to direct tweet someone famous. Continue reading


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The best show I’ve ever seen… seriously.

Entertainment Column
Written by Nathan Mattise

Can you ever definitively say any single concert is the best you’ve seen?

Musicians unfortunately aren’t like athletes. There are no standardized statistics to judge by; no prizes at stake to raise the importance of a performance. Beyond that there is the genre predicament that feels a bit  like comparing athletes across sports.  A country artist can be incredibly technically advanced and play the cleanest concert of his/her life. If you don’t like country though, some polka band at the town picnic can be a “better” concert.  

Call it a purely subjective sentiment then, but on August 2, 2009 in Clifton Park, N.Y. (at this strip mall no less)… I had my “best” concert experience. Allow me to defend the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. Continue reading

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