June CNY Music Podcast Part II… (may actually wait for early July).

As advertised in “Part I” of the CNY Music Podcast for June ’09, the In Pursuit of the Trivial’s mid-year list of 2009’s best albums so far is in the works…

We want to get it right though.

The best albums mid-way discussion will be pushed ’til early July to A) incorporate a full six months of music and B) ensure the discussion has more than just one voice guiding it. Until then, consider “Part I” to be the full 20+ minutes of CNY Music Podcasting for June (and if you were looking for our June show reviews and the comprehensive list of concert dates in June/early July, well, you’re still in luck).

CNY Upcoming Shows


Patrick Wolf – 6/19 (Fri)


Tom Jones – 6/21 (Sun)

Taking Back Sunday – 6/24 (Wed)

Relient K – 6/26 (Fri)


Arcade Fire – 6/22 (Mon)

St. Vincent – 6/24 (Wed)

Elton John / Billy Joel – 6/26 (Fri)

Scatted across NY State (but within driving distance)

311 – 6/23 (Tues)

Gordon Lightfoot – 6/25 (Thur)

The Offspring –  6/30 (Tues)

Huey Lewis – 6/26 (Fri) & 7/1 (Wed)

The Spinners – 7/2 (Thur) *EDITOR’S PICK*

The Wallflowers – 7/7 (Tues) *EDITOR’S PICK*


Earth, Wind & Fire – 6/20 (Sun)

No Doubt w/ Paramore – 6/22 (Mon)

REO Speedwagon / Styx – 7/2 (Thur)

Zappa Plays Zappa –7/6  (Mon)


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