May CNY Music Podcast: The academic pursuit of Radiohead and a visit from The Presidents of the United States of America…

Geography | Entertainment Podcast
Recorded and produced by Nathan Mattise

In case you missed it in April, we’re now podcasting on a monthly basis here on In Pursuit of the Trivial. Check out this month’s installment and certainly send along any feedback or requests you may have for June.


CNY Music News

  • The big news is that college students are out for summer, summer courses have begun and… Nate found a two-week seminar on Radiohead to invest in. The course is taught by the dean of SU‘s Visual and Performing Arts college who is a huge fanboy (he saw them at APW last year even). Nate gives the course layout and shares some of the discussion from Day 1 then promises a full-blown post after the seminar finishes (including yet another one of his academic papers).

Above: “Stop Whispering” video | Here: Definition of aleatoric music.

CNY Concert Reviews

The Ratings System:

“Presale” – a show worth waking up at 8 a.m. and waiting on Ticketmaster for

“Purchase” – a solid show worth your time if the price is reasonable

“Pass” – once is enough and we’ve done the work for you

  • Ben Folds at Syracuse University – “Presale”

Nate and his “in-studio” guest Nightshade (former co-DJ on 89.1 FM, Z89 in Syracuse) discuss the Oppenheimer/PUSA show at the newly renovated Wescott Theater. Oppenheimer may be among the best opening acts the ever-critical Nightshade has ever seen. The duo from Belfast (Note: not Dublin, Nate) have an energetic pop-rock sound and keep their songs tight and sub-3 minutes. It’s a combination for success live (see Phantogram, Tokyo Police Club). No word whether their name is nuclear or investment based.

PUSA however impressed with how well their sound quality is despite their commercial success happening over 10 years ago. Lead singer Chris Ballew steals the show with his stage antics and vocals – both suggest he can’t be a day over 22. The new tunes may not be as well-known as their hits (which were interspersed throughout the set) but they do great job of showing off (yet again) how tight a small band can be with a few crisp tunes. The lesson is guitbass and bassitar sound great no matter what the genre.

CNY Upcoming Shows


Heart – 5/16 (Sat)

Mae – 5/24 (Sun)

NIN -*Editor’s Pick* 6/3 (Wed)


Korn – 5/18 (Sat)

Rochester Philharmonic performing Gustav Holst’s The Planets – 5/21 (Thurs)


Animal Collective – 5/16 (Sat)

TV On The Radio – 6/2 (Tues)

Santigold – 6/3 & 6/4 (Wed/Thurs)

Scatted across NY State (but within driving distance)

George Clinton – 5/14 (Thurs)

Buckcherry – 5/22 (Fri)

Straylight Run – 5/22 (Fri)

GIRL TALK – 5/29 (Fri)

Rusted Root – 5/30 (Sat)

David Byrne – 6/2 (Tues)


Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – 5/14 (Thurs)

Third Eye Blind – 5/19 (Tues)

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