April CNY Music Podcast: The rise of Phantogram and Girl Talk at Cornell University

Geography | Entertainment Podcast
Recorded and produced by Nathan Mattise

It’s long, it’s informative and most importantly it’s finished. Take a listen, check out the linear notes after the jump and send along any and all comments, questions or concerns.

CNY Music News

  • Despite a sound you can’t sit still to, Nate and The Fan Club can’t figure out where the buzz about Phantogram is (Note: we did record before this but still, Phantogram needs more). They try to do justice to the band’s sound but also tackle the bigger issue of media outlets ignoring bands despite their best efforts to get noticed (i.e. how many people know Tokyo Police Club despite the fact they produced one of the best albums of 2008?).

CNY Concert Reviews

The Ratings System:

“Presale” – a show worth waking up at 8 a.m. and waiting on Ticketmaster for

“Purchase” – a solid show worth your time if the price is reasonable

“Pass” – once is enough and we’ve done the work for you

  • FEATURED REVIEW: Girl Talk at Cornell University – “Presale”

Nate and The Fan Club discuss how a mashup artist puts on a live show, the unique communal experience Girl Talk produces (like the Inauguration? C’mon, Nate) and the security issues brought on by his new popularity.

CNY Upcoming Shows


Margot & The Nuclear So-Sos – 4/17 (Fri)
Demetri Martin – 4/19 (Sun)
Third Eye Blind – 4/19 (Sun)
All-American Rejects – 4/18 (Sat)
Hinder – 4/20 (Mon)
O.A.R. – 4/29 (Wed)
Young Jeezy – 5/2 (Sat)
50 Cent – 5/9 (Sat)
Peter, Bjorn and John4/25-4/27 (Fri-Sun)
Franz Ferdinand – 5/4 (Mon)
The Kills – 5/7 (Thur) *Editor’s Pick*
Syracuse and local
The Presidents of the United States of America – 4/22 (Wed) *Editor’s Pick*
Sara Bareilles – 4/20 (Mon)
Ben Folds – 4/26 (Sun)
Fall Out Boy – 4/26 (Sat)

Songs heard during this podcast (in order): “Take Five” by King Tubby | Mouthful of Diamonds” and “You Are the Ocean” by Phantogram | “Still Here” and “No Pause” by Girl Talk | Running From The Cops” by Phantogram

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One response to “April CNY Music Podcast: The rise of Phantogram and Girl Talk at Cornell University

  1. tjwell01

    Hey! Where’s the shout-out you punks! I like your music transitions…but there’s something funny with the recording sound. It sounds you’re in a giant bubble…or like your sick, Nate. Got the sniffles?

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