Trivial Links: There is a recent precedent to this Facebook Mr. Men thing

History Trivial Links
Compiled by Nathan Mattise

  • One add-on to above: Maybe “25 Things” took off so well because we love lists (NPR’s list says so). 2008 was also the Year of Lists if you recall.
  • There is some interesting developments for the already rocky times in local journalism. Both NYT and ESPN are planning on releasing localized journalism entities (phew, not nationwide for now).
  • Finally, well wishes to everyone at some of the recently closed down journalism entities where I knew folks: The Rocky Mountain News (where some of my Albuquerque Tribune coworkers went after that closed down) and WTVH 5 in Syracuse (Mike Tirico got his start there and mentioned it on his ESPN Radio show that day).

(Links today from Facebook,, Wikipedia, NPR and Journerdism.)

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