Trivial Links: … post-election presidential links?

History Trivial Links
Compiled by Nathan Mattise

  • (In case you’ve missed it, presidential links became a fivepart series). I always like utilizing political and journalism-related links in the History related posts so this was a no brainer. The latest ESPN Ombudsman column touches on how the world-wide leader shaped its election materials and lists every single political piece it ran since August. (Did you know Simmons was supposed to have Obama on and Palin was a former athlete?)
  • Last Obamalink – I saw The Decemberists play this past week and they’re on a recent run of Obama-heavy shows (they performed a song called “Valerie Plame” and had a “Yes We Can / Yes We Did” call and response with the audience during some breakdowns).
  • Just so you’re aware, TRL is officially going off the air with their finale this Sunday.
  • Finally, if you ever want to know the history of your local culinary scene, is hoping to make the alt-weekly restaurant critic obsolete.

(Links today from USA Today’s Pop Candy, Brooklyn Vegan, Stereogum,, and NYT Online)

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