Trivial Argument: Bloc Party needs a better SU Basketball Jersey

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Words and Video by Nathan Mattise | Photograph courtesy of Michael Smith

Unemployment has one gigantic benefit – lots of time for reflection. Rather than be productive in that endeavor, In the Pursuit of the Trivial offers Trivial Arguments. It’s your standard bar-debate, parking lot discussion or late-night over-analysis in essay form. Today’s discussion: If Bloc Party were a single SU Basketball Player, who would they be?

You may ask why this question would ever arise. Well, Bloc Party played their first ever US collegiate show at my alma mater this past weekend (not to mention, they partied later that night). Midway through the show Bloc Party left the stage, came back wearing togas (claiming that toga parties were the best thing about US college campuses) and started to perform. When Kele‘s toga came off he revealed a Terrence Roberts jersey. To be frank…that jersey simply isn’t worthy of the honor. But which one (from my tenure at SU: 2004-2008) is?

Players that don’t quite make the cut (with a one-sentence explanation)

Terrence Roberts (see link above) – Never mind his inconsistency or “overratedness,” Bloc Party wouldn’t do a mink coat.

Donte’ Greene – He’s simply too one-dimensional and too arrogant (did I mention Kele actually kept his promise to SU students and partied with them?).

Gerry McNamara – He may be the exact opposite: critically unacclaimed and lots of mainstream love.

The finalists

Kristof Ongenaet – First off, Kristof is from Europe too (only separated from Bloc Party’s homeland by the English Channel) so he’s inherently trendy and has cool hair. Second off, his game is versatile (ability to hit an open 18-footer, defends against more physical bigs) just like Bloc Party’s music (ballads like “Modern Love,” rockin’ tracks like “Helicopter,” etc.) He’s not as exciting or as high-energy (or nearly as successful) but there is enough here to warrant a comparison.

Matt Gorman -A lot of the same characteristics as Ongenaet; just minus the Euro hipness and add on a little more success. The distinguishing factor that makes Gorman an ideal jersey to represent Bloc Party is his energy. Gorman is incredibly active and as the video below shows, Bloc Party doesn’t let anyone stand still.

Hakim Warrick – Easily the most successful of the SU players I’ve seen and he had an incredible knack for electrifying thousands of people. However the best credential for Warrick is that he has the closest equivalent to Silent Alarm exploding Bloc Party onto the scene: the block. It won the 2003 National Championship and put SU Basketball permanently on the map.

That’s it. You’ve heard the Trivial Argument, now let us know your thoughts…

(Links today via – Wikipedia, The Daily Orange and OurMedia)

Please e-mail Nate and tell him how sad this idea is. Actually, debate whether this argument has any relevance for people outside of Syracuse, NY (and even then you have to like indie rock).


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