Trivial Music: Amy’s Monthly Mixtape – Working hard in September

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Since we’re written by recent college students, sometimes there’s a lot of complaining about lacking employment. Labor Day reminds us that employment isn’t so great either – in fact you need a mandatory three-day weekend sometimes. In the spirit of laying around and doing nothing (but listening to music?) In The Pursuit of the Trivial author Amy Bugno presents “Amy’s Monthly Mixtape” (check back every first Friday of the month). We start with a holiday inspired mix you can put your feet up to. Enjoy.

[mixwit_mixtape wid=”4d053ed69c252cef2fb86750c8093acc” pid=”7051fbc6d978c9522f210deb2825b3a7″ un=”amy_bugno” width=”426″ height=”327″ center=”true”]

Happy (belated) Labor Day dear readers. In celebration of this ever-so-important holiday (and the fact that I finally scored a job this week!) I’ve started a new column for your reading and listening pleasure. Obviously, this month will be all about the working man (or woman). So, without further adieu – stick this in your earhole for the month of September.

– Amy

Track listing:

1. “A Hard Day’s Night” – The Beatles

A classic by anyone’s standards… If only everyone had someone to come home to on those hard days’ nights, I think that’s how Paul would’ve wanted it.

2. “Maggie’s Farm” – Bob Dylan

It’s funny, because as a child, my best friend was named Maggie and she lived on a farm. You name the animal and she probably had it at some point: Horses, goats, chickens, a mean old rooster, a pig, chinchillas, and most recently – two large and intimidating llamas. Her family actually still lives on a farm but she ain’t workin’ there no more (however, she is in vet school now). Maggie’s brother just started his own farm, down in Tennessee. He grows potatoes. Go figure.

3. “Career Opportunities” – The Clash

This song probably couldn’t ring more true with most of my peers considering the current economic state in the U.S. We’re all still waiting for that career opportunity to come knockin’. Although, I wouldn’t really mind making tea at the BBC. At least I’d be rubbing some high-end elbows, right?

4. “She Works Hard For The Money” – Donna Summer

Had to see this one coming, is commentary even necessary?

5. “Working For The Weekend” – Loverboy

I have a friend who quotes this song in his away message just about every weekday.

6. “Working Class Hero” – John Lennon

Three lines from this song pretty much sum up how I’ve felt since graduation:

“When they’ve tortured and scared you for twenty odd years/ Then they expect you to pick a career/ When you can’t really function you’re so full of fear.”

It’s probably the most depressing song on this mixtape but I couldn’t really leave it out. Makes you think if nothing else.

7. “Taking Care of Business” – Bachman Turner Overdrive

One year (approximately 1998?) the Abington Heights Civic League Dance Studio produced a show themed around occupations. My jazz class was assigned “garbagemen.” This is the song we danced to. I still have the costume.

8. “Workin’ For A Living” – Huey Lewis & The News

This is one of my mother’s favorite songs. She’d be ashamed if I didn’t include it in this list. Plus, who doesn’t feel like cutting a rug to this beat?

9. “Jumpers” – Sleater-Kinney

Alright, so it’s not really about working. But it’s partially about sitting in traffic. Which is something I very closely relate with working, since I have a 45-minute commute everyday. And let me tell you, if you’re stuck on I-81 for too long, you might be thinking along the same suicidal lines as these girls were back in ’05. Plus, every mixtape needs a little indie rock, right? (Sidenote: please don’t contemplate suicide over traffic…just listen to my mixtape and you’ll feel better? Yes.)

10. “The Commuter” – Red Collar (not actually on the tape)

Ok, so mixwit doesn’t yet have the technology to incorporate a song from my iTunes but this is my current favorite song about work. It’s likely a new one for you, folks. Red Collar is a band that is very near and dear to my heart. This live version of “The Commuter” comes from an epic performance at The Pour House in downtown Raleigh, N.C. If you listen really closely, you might even be able to hear my friends and me joining Sir Jason Kutchma with his “Got a job to pay for the garage for the car” anthemic chorus. And listen to the sermon at the beginning – it’s worth paying attention to.

Today’s Trivial Music is your glimpse into Amy’s musical preferences. If you’re not feeling what the kid spins (even if her selection is limited by the theme-o-the-month) e-mail her.

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