Trivial Argument: Who is the world’s greatest sidekick?

Entertainment Essay
Podcast by Nathan Mattise

Unemployment has one gigantic benefit – lots of time for reflection. Rather than be productive in that endeavor, In the Pursuit of the Trivial offers Trivial Arguments. It’s your standard bar-debate, parking lot discussion or late-night over-analysis in essay form. Today’s discussion: Who is the greatest sidekick?

Most of the time this reoccurring feature will be a comparative piece with a few profiles and a winning conclusion but today there’s a bit of a twist. I had this very debate on my radio show on Z89 back in 2006. If you need more info on any of the suggested participants here it is for contestants A, B, C, and D. Otherwise fire up the Trivial Podcast theme, take a listen and let us know your thoughts…

(Links today via – Muppet Wikipedia, Google Images and OurMedia)

Please e-mail Nate and tell him how sad this idea is. Actually, debate whether the idea or the fact that this discussion already happened is more pathetic, then contact him.

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