Trivial Links: One last (albeit a bit narcissistic) Napkin Fiction post…

Arts & Literature Trivial Links
Compiled by Nathan Mattise

Backstory: I met the Whitney Matheson at a Pop-Candy meet-up during last year’s “Office” Convention in Scranton. I sent her my facebook picture and it got posted on the site, she let me interview her for a journalism industry paper I had to write at Syracuse and I’ve had e-mail exchange life updates with her periodically ever since. Very cool of her to be so responsive to me – just makes me more of a fan).

  • In the art scene, if you’re not familiar with Bansky check out his work. He is a bit of a counter-culture hero who anonymously graffiti’s the streets of London with some politically progressive pieces. Sadly, the anonymity might not stick much longer.

(Links today found via:, Time Magazine, USA Today’s Pop Candy and largehearted boy)

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