In The Pursuit of the Trivial turns one today.

July 4, 2007: One post. July 4, 2008: 80 posts.

If we posted MWF for 52 weeks that number would be significantly higher – but 80 is still slightly over 50 percent. It’s been a busy year in life between graduations, various travel, job searching and normal battles against monotony but In Pursuit of the Trivial has managed to survive. Who knows if the same will be said in 2009…

Until then, here’s a quick look back at our five favorite posts from our first year. Enjoy.

8-17-2007: New haircuts create a new “me” by Amy Bugno (our most read post ever)

6-13-2008 Glimpse into the graduate psyche by Nathan Mattise (my favorite recent post)

11-3-2007 Sometimes you really can’t have one without the other by Nathan Mattise (highest hits in a day for a single post)

9-10-2007 Wear a tie, make some friends by Nathan Mattise (if it ever becomes a real holiday, here is the documented beginning)

6-27-2007 Let the tape do your talking by Amy Bugno (most commented on post)

-In Pursuit of the Trivial staff


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One response to “In The Pursuit of the Trivial turns one today.

  1. Amy

    Hmm…my posts did pretty well. Maybe I should write more….

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