Trivial Links: Things that have kept me busy the past three weeks.

Full Card Trivial Links
Compiled by Nathan Mattise

It’s been awhile so I’ve had plenty of links to keep me occupied. Here’s a diverse buffet of links to satisfy your online surfing appetite…

Arts & Literature

Sports & Leisure


  • Russ Spencer wrote a piece called “Don’t Call Me ‘Bro,’ Bro” in the May 2008 edition of GQ. It’s hilarious so naturally they don’t put it on their web site. Check out some of the research Spencer references though via urbandictionary and the viral video “bro rape.”


(I didn’t win though – the big prize went to a junior from Vermont)


  • Finally, I’m obsessed with mixtapes and they worked well as graduation goodbye cards. To save some CDs but preserve all the music and creativity, try this site.

(Links today found via: GQ, SI, USA Today’s Pop Candy and Stereogum)

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