The return from Za’liday break.

Spring Break for me ended a week ago. Spring Break for my productivity unfortunately has to end today. Tests, essays, job applications and hanging out with folks is about to dominate the next one to two months of my life. There is no time for resting. There is however, time for ridiculous blogs.

This week I’ll catch up on what I’ve been neglecting to do during this most recent hiatus. Tomorrow we’ll have the usual collegiate column, but then Wednesday we’ll have a semi-archive of them (i.e. all of the ones I haven’t posted). After that hopefully I’ll have the…video… working so I can take you back to the biggest political event in recent Scranton history (Ms. Hil came. It was gigantic).  Also, I want to write essays and columns specifically for this again. It’s therapeutic (and plus my LiveJournal is stagnant and I forgot to bring back my journal from home).

Until then, In Pursuit of the Trivial is officially back from Za’liday break. Za’liday you ask? Well I did just spend some time in the “Pizza Capital of the World.”

– In Pursuit of the Trivial staff


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