No Monday link due to excess amounts of Will Ferrell.

I would’ve posted a link yesterday but I was on the road for a total of eight hours (five of them from 10:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m.). Why?

Will Ferrell’s comedy tour.  

One of my best friends from home graduated in Decemeber and he’s an avid Ferrell disciple (though he claims “Anchorman” over “Talladegha Nights” for second best Ferrell).  As a “congrats graduate and new-job-market-guy” gift, we embarked on a comedy pilgrimmage to Penn State’s BJ Center.

In case you’re wondering – worth every ounce of effort.  Ferrell hosted and did routines between acts (including Ron Burgandy interviewing two PSU football players).  The  stand-up came from  Demetri Martin (hysterical), Nick Swardson (not my style but hysterical)  and Zach Galifianakis (stole the show hands down).  See two of my favorite bits below and please forgive me for the non-post. Until then, I’m in need of some serious sleep.

– In Pursuit of the Trivial staff

ZG: “[Playing piano] It’s aboot time I’m back in the states. I used to tour with Miles Davis, but in Canada I opened for Kilometer Davis.”

DM: “[Holds up a graph. The graph is a  straight line with negative slope] This is graphical depiction of how much I like a girl versus how often she says the word like.”


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