Not even L.L. Cool J would call this a comeback.

I made it my New Years’ resolution to write everyday. It started with In Pursuit of the Trivial making its triumphant return, then…

Another month without a post.

I could give you several pseduo-legit excuses – going back to school, a few career-related interviews, applications to prep for, etc. – but I know it’s all irrelevant. The only thing that matters is reestablishing a consistent posting schedule.

So today starts In Pursuit of the Trivial‘s new posting routine. How often you ask? How about daily? As sure as I check myGmail account every morning, there will now be at least one post per day for your reading pleasure. It won’t always be a full-blown article, but there will be a reason to visit Monday through Friday.

So start commenting again, resave us in your fav. links and even feel free to submit a piece every now and then. In Pursuit of the Trivial is back…for now at least.

-In Pursuit of the Trivial staff
(Note: Weekly there will be a post featuring my weekly pop-culture column at the SU student-newspaper)

Go ahead, e-mail us and wish us luck. I know this is a lofty, lofty goal.

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