Trivial Links: He really does have the greatest job in the world.

Sports & Leisure Trivial Links
Compiled by Nathan Mattise

  • Reason 2,536 why ESPN’s Bill Simmons has the best job in the world: He introduces his wife as a reoccurring character in his columns and then (when he needs a week off) she writes the column herself. This man gets paid to watch / write as much sports and pop culture as he can, he does national podcasts with his lifelong buddies and even works his wife into the equation. I can’t wait for the next Simmons’ book.
  • Awhile back I promised every Sports & Leisure edition of Trivial Links would include t-shirt news, so here it is. This will be used as a gift for someone in my life soon and I will hopefully upload a picture when the time is right (plus proceeds go to charity, everyone wins).
  • Miranda July should pop up in an Arts & Literature themed post, but over winter break reading becomes infinitely leisurely for me (FYI: here’s my latest read).  I want to read her book next partially because it has the coolest PR web site ever.

(Links today found via:, Starbucks Gossip and USA Today’s Pop Candy)

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