So Nate, why haven’t you been updating the site again?

Glad you asked that question anonymous reader. We’ve had unintentional off-weeks here at In Pursuit of the Trivial before, but an off half-a-month is inexcusable… well, at least without explanation and a little reorganizing.

No surprise – the beginning of my senior year at college is hectic. I have a terrible workload, I’m filling out applications for anything and everything, I’m slowly regaining a social life and this is all in addition to interning on the business desk at The Post-Standard in Syracuse, N.Y.  I can basically guarantee the same can be said for the various contributors to In Pursuit of the Trivial. It’s just hard to motivate yourself to write a post at 3 a.m. after finishing a six page paper on historical devices in Dryden‘s poetry during The Restoration period.

So for now, until things get back to manageable status, check back for at least one post a week. Naturally since I sprung this on everyone after a few weeks of silence, this week will have TWO posts (and this site info technical spiel doesn’t count).

Keep your eyes peeled this weekend for something incredibly insightful…and by insightful I mean quirky and hopefully adorkable. But check back for real this time, I have spoken and the blog must go on.

In Pursuit of the Trivial staff


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