We’re back like Gabe Kaplan in a sitcom.

OK, I’ll admit it. The week off wasn’t planned.

Sometimes life takes over and the internet gets put on hold…and by life I mean new student orientation at Syracuse University. This year’s training for SU Welcome went 10 days, the orientation itself was five days of 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. work and pre-semester internet issues plagued the campus throughout it all. Regardless, the experience was fun and I did manage to snag this fantastic picture.

Classes have now started. And I realized I’ll have this oxymoronic situation where I have more free time with classes beginning than I did prior to classes beginning. Life doesn’t make sense all the time, but I guess that’s why we write about it.

So like I said back when air travel stopped a regularly scheduled Monday post – this won’t become a habit. We’ll start blogging regularly again today (by today, I mean dating the post as Monday 8/27) and keep that trend going until life intervenes again. *Which will likely be a long Labor Day weekend 🙂

-In Pursuit of the Trivial staff

(Links today via: Wikipedia and photo.syr.edu)

Go ahead, e-mail us. It’s OK to be upset that you missed out on a week of these excentric essays, columns and links. It’s perfectly natural.

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