If you haven’t guessed yet, there’s no Monday (*and Friday*) post this week.

It’s probably bad form to make an announcement affecting Monday the entire week on a Tuesday, so thankfully we’re not in the “Real World” yet.

This won’t become a habit, but after a month straight of blogging Monday Monday and Friday became a personal day days here at In Pursuit of the Trivial. It’s due largely to a full day’s worth of travel from Albuquerque, N.M. to Scranton, Pa. (and the sad realization that there is less than a week before a Scranton, Pa. to Syracuse, N.Y. journey takes place)

Tune back tomorrow for the regularly scheduled edition of Trivial Links. And since you were such good boys and girls with this late notice, Friday next Monday will be an extra-special post. Enjoy the first week of August otherwise, we’ll see you tomorrow.

-In Pursuit of the Trivial staff

Go ahead, e-mail us to vent. It’s perfectly natural to be upset that the lone Monday post wasn’t there to fill the gaping hole in your day.

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