Trivial Links: This is the inaugural edition, so allow us to explain.

One of the best aspects of any blog is easy access to interesting and varied links. In Pursuit of the Trivial doesn’t want to mess that up. Enter Trivial Links.

Tada! It's a Trivial Pursuit board.

Each Wednesday Trivial Links will be posted to share some of the interesting things we’ve read in the past week with readers. To keep things from becoming redundant, each week’s post will be focused into just one of the standard six culture categories (Geography, Entertainment, History, Arts&Literature, Science&Nature and Sports&Leisure).

Get it? Let’s start it off at the top of the card.


Geography Trivial Links
Compiled by Nathan Mattise

  • If you (like me) are a college student less than two years away from graduating, this should be of interest to you. is a data base that ranks U.S. cities based on demographics, housing costs, average cost of living, education and unemployment rate. It can’t hurt to know what you’re up against when applying to jobs or grad schools right?
  • I might be in the minority for this one, but I’m also heavily considering “music scene” when picking my post-graduation location.
  • This has to be a sure sign that the iPhone generation has started. In case your waiter ever was too good at keeping your free water filled, you now can find a bathroom anywhere guaranteed.
  • Finally, nothing says geography like naming things from all 50 states. Not capitals this time, 90s tunes.


(Links today found via: My friend Kevin, Wikipedia,, USA Today’s Pop Candy and YouTube)

Have a suggestion to include in next week’s Trivial Links? E-mail it.

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