July 4, 2007: In the Pursuit of the Trivial is born.

OK, so 331 years ago the United States of America first became the country we know and love today. It’s a country where grown men and women can eat excessive amounts of hot dogs in 12 minutes. It’s a country where college-aged kids grew up knowing they were “special.” And it’s a country where anyone, even this kid, can try to start a blog.

Today marks the birth of In Pursuit of the Trivial. It’s an Op-Ed Pop Culture blog… and you know what, screw it. Visit the “About Us” section if you want the complete run down. For now, it’s time to start catering to readers with the first post – the first edition of Trivial Links. It’s (ideally) a weekly post filled with some interesting links all from one of the standard-six categories. Hopefully this sets a good tone from here on out. If not, we can always opt for a MySpace blog.


In Pursuit of the Trivial staff

Go ahead, e-mail us and wish us luck.

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